The Kennedy Treasure

John F. Kennedy's Lost Pathway to Peace

This historic documentary aired on TBS and KCET, the Los Angeles PBS affiliate, on May 29, 1987, the 70th anniversary of JFK's birth. Robert Vaughn narrated this testament to the vision and courage of a president who made heroic proposals to control nuclear weapons and curb environmental deterioration.

Lost Pathway

John F. Kennedy: Spokesman for the New Century

This documentary is a revision and update of the television special titled, 'John F. Kennedy's Lost Pathway to Peace," The newer program focuses more completely on JFK's proposal for a worldwide program of conservation.


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It has been a life-long disappointment that my best work never received much public acceptance. As an administrator at Santa Barbara City College I programmed many high quality speakers for public lectures. The speakers who were eminently qualified (some had appeared on the cover of Time) invariably drew limited audiences. Speakers of lower caliber, with topics such as UFOs, would invariably fill the largest auditorium in the city. And so it has been with my books.

While none of my publications have been popular, they may be found in prestigious places: For example, my first book on President John F. Kennedy was found in the personal library of Linus Pauling, the recipient of two Nobel Prizes, one in chemistry and one in peace. It resides in the Oregon State University special collections where it is included among Pauling's personal books. The entry reads:

JX1974.7.B33 President John F. Kennedy, A Grand and Global Alliance: the Summons to World Peace through World Law. Edited by Joseph A. Bagnall, 1968.

This same book can also be found in the following libraries:

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
California State University, Fullerton
California State University, Long Beach
California State University, Los Angeles
California State University, Northridge
California State University, Sacramento
Claremont College, CA
Monterey Institute of International Studies, CA
Pepperdine University Law Library, CA
San Diego State University, CA
UC Berkeley, CA
UC San Diego, CA
UC Santa Barbara, CA
University of Alaska
Auburn University, AL
Spring Hill College, AL
Arizona State University
University of Arizona
Auroria Library, CO
University of Colorado, Boulder
Yale University
National Defense University Library, Wash , DC
Lake City Community College, FLA
Georgia State University
South Georgia College
University of Georgia, Law School Library
University of Hawaii, Manoa
Northwestern College, IA
University of Iowa
University of Northern Iowa
Loyola University, Chicago Law Library
Northern Illinois University
Northwestern University School of Law
Northwestern University, IL
Southern Illinois University
University of Chicago
University of Illinois, Urbana
Emporia State University, KS
Witchita Public Library, KS
Witchita State University, KS
Boston University, MA
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
University of Maine, School of Law
Eastern Michigan University
Wayne State University, MI
Western Michigan University
Concordia College, MN
University of Minnesota Law Library
Saint Louis Public Library
University of Missouri, KC
Washington University, MO
University of Montana
State Library of North Carolina
University of Nebraska, Kearney
Case Western Reserve University, OH
Case Western Reserve University Law Library, OH
Cleveland State University, OH
Kent State University, OH
Miami University, OH
Ohio State University, College of Law
Ohio State University
Public Library of Cincinnati
Oklahoma State University
Oregon State University
East Stroudsburg University, PA
US Army War College, PA
University of Pennsylvania
University of Pittsburgh
Furman University, SC
Middle Tennessee State University
University of Tennessee
Texas A and M, Corpus Christi
Texas A and M, College Station
Texas State University
University of Utah Law Library
University of Utah
Virginia Tech Coll Analysis
Washington State University
Western Washington University
Ripon College, WI
University of Wisconsin
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC
and others.

My second book on President Kennedy was a revision and update of the 1968 version. It was titled, President John F. Kennedy's Grand and Global Alliance: World Order for the New Century, and it was published by University Press of America in 1992.

grand-and-global (29K)

Back Cover Endorsements

"An excellent and valuable collection of the Kennedy Legacy--the Kennedy to be remembered and studied."

--Dr. J.W. Peltason
Professor of Political Science, University of California, Irvine
Author of Understanding the Constitution, 12th edition, 1991
Co-author of Government by the People, 14th edition, 1990
Chancellor of the University of California System

"This book reminds one of what a leader can do in the Presidency--John Kennedy's vision makes a sharp contrast to the last ten years of myopia in the White House"

--Dr. Paul R. Ehrlich
Bing Professor of Population Studies, Department of
Biological Sciences, Standford University
Author of The Population Bomb, 1968 and
Extinction: The Causes and Consequences of
the Disappearance of Species
, 1981

"Dr. Joseph A. Bagnall's book will give students a new look at Kennedy's proposed global alliance. This is a workable scheme, in Kennedy's own words, of how to develop the international machinery to guarantee freedom, keep the peace, and save the planet from world-wide pollution. The book presents that part of the Kennedy global legacy that has been lost in a welter of Kennedy books that sensationalize rather than instruct."

--Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C.
President Emeritus of University of Notre Dame

"We will need global agreements to resolve environmental issues such as ozone depletion, and Dr. Bagnall's book documents the fact that President Kennedy set the precedents for such agreements."

--Dr. Mario Molina
Professor of Chemistry & Professor of Earth,
Atmospheric, & Planetary Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Co-Discoverer of Ozone Depletion
Recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

"A vivid reminder of the hope, energy and vision of the Kennedy years."

--Dr. David M. Kennedy
Department of History, Stanford University
Author of the American Pageant, 9th edition, 1991

It can be found in the following libraries:

Beverly Hills Public Library, CA
California State University, Chico
California State University, Fresno
California State University, Monterey Bay
Los Angeles Public Library
Mount St Mary's College
Pepperdine University
San Francisco Public Library
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Davis
University of California, Irvine
University of California, Merced
University of California, Riverside
University of California, San Diego
University of San Diego
University of the Pacific
UAA/APU, Alaska
Auburn University, AL
Jacksonville State University, AL
Shelton State Community College, AL
Arizona State University
University of Arizona
Auraria Library, CO
Colorado State University
University of Colorado, Boulder
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Yale University
American University
Georgetown University
National Defense University Library
University of Delaware
Florida International University
University of Florida
University of North Florida
Atlanta Metropolitan College, GA
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia State University
University of Georgia
West Georgia Tech College
Brigham Young University, Idaho
Columbia College, IL
Loyola University of Chicago
Principia College, Il
Indiana University
University of Notre Dame
University of Kansas
Wichita State University
University of Kentucky
Tulane University
Boston College
Emanuel College, MA
Fitchburg State College, MA
Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Northeastern University, Burlington
Northeastern University, Boston
State Library of Massachusetts
University of Massachusetts at Boston
US Naval Academy, MD
Villa Julie College, MD
Bates College Library, ME
Michigan State University
University of Michigan
Missouri State University
University of Missouri, Columbia
Duke University
North Carolina AT and T
University of North Carolina
University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Princeton University
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Columbia University, NY
Farmingdale State, NY
Houghton College Library, NY
New York Public Library
US Military Academy, West Point
Ohio State University
Ohio University
Public Library of Cincinnati
University of Akron
University of Toledo
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Temple University
US Army War College, PA
University of South Carolina
Stephen F. Austin State, TX
Texas A and M
University of Houston
University of Texas, Dallas
University of Texas, El Paso
Brigham Young University
University of Utah
Utah State University
College of William and Mary
Ferum College, VA
George Mason University
Hampden-Sydney College, VA
Old Dominion University, VA
University of Mary Washington
Virginia Historical Society
Marquette University
University of Western Ontario, London
York University Libraries, Toronto
University of Regina, Canada
Staats and und Universitaatsbibliothek, Gottingen, Germany
Hong Kong University of Science and Tech
Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
British Library, Boston Spa, Wetherby, W Yorkshire, UK
Cambridge University, UK
and others.

My third book on President Kennedy was titled, The Kennedy Option: Pursuit of World Law. It was published by University Press of America in 2002. It can be Found in 79 libraries throughout the world.

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