Joseph A. Bagnall has served as an educator, teaching United States History and Political Science at the college level for many years. His past publications include Depression Dialogue: An Anthology of Representative Political Dialogue of the Depression Decade (ed.), United States History: The Relevant Issues (co-author), President John Fitzgerald Kennedy's Grand and Global Alliance: World Order for the New Century, and The Politics of Survival: Resolving the Seven Deadly Trends.

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In 1968 he founded the Fullerton College Center for the Study of the Future of Man, a student organization that soon grew to over 500 members.

The Center sponsored a public forum which featured, among others, Norman Cousins and Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall. A section of the college library was organized to house special Center materials on thermonuclear and environmental issues.

In 1985 he wrote and produced a television documentary titled John F. Kennedy's Lost Pathway to Peace, which aired on KCET, Los Angeles and a number of other PBS affiliates. It also aired on TBS on the 69th and 70th anniversaries of JFK's birth.

Dr. Bagnall was interviewed by Charles Osgood, on the CBS Radio Network, on the 75th anniversary of JFK's birth.

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