Dwight D. Eisenhower

President Eisenhower supported the development of world law on many occasions.  In a letter written to Senator Hubert Humphrey, November 17, 1959 (and later published in the US Department of State Bulletin, January 25, 1950, Volume 42, Page 128)  President Eisenhower said, “One of the great purposes of this administration is to advance the rule of law in the world, through actions directly by the United States government  and in concert with the governments of other countries.  It is open to us to further this great purpose both through optimum use of existing international institutions and through the adoption of changes and improvements in these institutions.”

In this same letter, President Eisenhower advocated that the United States accept rulings and decisions of the International Court of Justice as binding on our country.  He unequivocally called for the strengthening of The International Court of Justice and the Development of world law.

In his Second Inaugural Eisenhower stated.  “We recognize and accept our own deep involvement in the destiny of men everywhere.  We are accordingly pledged to honor, and to strive to fortify, the authority of the United Nations.  For in that body rests the best hope of our age for the assertion of that law by which all nations may live in dignity.”